Episode 119

From Conforming to Consciousness with Eliana Barosco Part 2

Published on: 14th October, 2022

In episode 119, I speak to my friend Eliana Barosco. Eli is an intuitive life coach who, as a little girl, saw the world as a wonderful playground talking to trees, animals, and beings from other dimensions. But because of social conditioning and bullying at school, Eli, like many of us, parked her gifts so that she could fit into what was considered ‘normal.’

The pressure to conform built up to the point that in 2012, she became ill and was forced to reconsider all of her life choices. After several months spent in depression and contemplating suicide – Eli she had an awakening. When her spirit guides came to her in the form of light frequencies.  Eli gradually started reconnecting to her true self and learned to integrate back her intuitive abilities.

Eli’s life's mission is now to help people work with their physical body, to amplify their life force, showing them how to remove detrimental energies and stresses that block the clockwise cycle of creation.

In the field of perception, Eli believes that anything is possible and that our future desire is just one intuitive choice away.

In this episode, we talk about the following:

  • The pressures we face in life to conform to ‘fit in’ and be considered ‘normal’ – when actually being ourselves is what will really bring us joy.
  • How squashing our true spiritual nature can push us down a path where illness manifests in our bodies.
  • How the film GI Jane and a poem by DH Lawrence brought Eli to a realization about her life to that point.
  • How you might be stifling your personal growth and consenting to your current existence? And that’s sometimes that's a hard pill to swallow.
  • The power of intention and allowing what is truly available and possible for us.
  • How to know what your intuition IS and WHAT it is telling you. Plus, how you can learn to trust it more and more
  • That when Eli reconnected to her life force energy, she noticed that the people in her life also changed!
  • Plus a little reminder that as business owners, sharing your story over and over is perfectly fine!

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