Episode 85

The Journey to Recurring Revenue with Des Dobreva

Published on: 13th May, 2022

In episode #85 I am joined by the Branding Queen™ Des Dobreva.  Des is a Brand Strategist and membership Site Expert, TEDx speaker and published author. She’s worked with businesses from over 50 industries and in the most competitive markets in the world and she’s helped them build profitable brands, turning them into recurring revenue machines.

Des is recognized for her unconventional approach to business because she dives into the true essence of the human behind the brand and helps them build an empire simply by being 100% themselves! 

Des is my mentor and coach who supported me to launch the Visualise and Thrive Business Club, back in February by following her Recurring Revenue Programme. 

In this episode, Des and I discuss:

  • How she lost the money that was going to start her journey to scammers
  • How comparing yourself with others should be fuel to motivate you and not to feel jealous or that you aren’t good enough to succeed.
  • The power of learning on the job, consistency online and building your brand.
  • That when people have privilege and choice, they can choose not to go after their dreams too easily.
  • How Des’s recurring revenue programme and her membership were born!
  • How Des sees imperfections and flaws in humans and animals as their greatest assets
  • That the most disruptive thing you can do when building a brand is to be yourself!
  • How if you exist, you already have a brand! You might just not be being intentional about it!
  • That the system and society want us to have unstable incomes so we are easier to control and manipulate and the best thing you can do for your future, is create consistent, predictable. stable recurring revenue.
  • How you can join the Des’ Create Your 6-Figure Membership Blueprint and Get Stable Recurring Clients, every month using her ultra-simple framework – even if you don’t have a business or a business idea yet!

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Work with Des for free in a 5 Day Challenge designed to help you create your membership blueprint and stable recurring revenue. https://desdobreva.com/membership-site-challenge-new/ref/1140/




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