Episode 34

Authenticity and Community and Being in Touch With Your Customers with Lauren Rome

Published on: 23rd April, 2021

In episode #34, I'm joined by Lauren Rome and we discuss authenticity and community and being in touch with your customers. Lauren has spent the last decade in New York City grinding in the tenacious environment of Wall Street. A woman on the go, Lauren tried countless skin care products, but nothing seemed to work to combat the stress, which led to breakouts, dark circles, and dehydrated skin. Empowered by the idea that she could help people feel their best, she embarked on a mission to create the solution she and others needed and launched Romer Skincare, a simplified, gender-neutral skincare brand.

Some of the takeaways from this episode include:

  • What it's like as a woman working on Wall Street
  • The importance of community when building a brand and the power of listening to customer feedback to improve your business
  • The importance of authenticity and how it translates to sales!
  • Letting customers know the real YOU and be part of the behind scenes of every decision within your business.
  • That we shouldn't take life for granted but enjoy the journey we are on.
  • Why we should take the time to figure out our support networks

More from Lauren Rome and Romer Skincare

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Use the Listener Discount Code LISTENER15 at www.romerskinscare.com

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