Episode 22

How to Make your Creative Business More Profitable with Stephanie Desaulniers

Published on: 22nd January, 2021

In Episode #22 I am joined by Stephanie Desaulnier as she shares her double-pivot career to creating a business that supports you how to make your creative business more profitable. Formally a Geologist, Stephanie started a sewing business, scaled it and then created a course to help other creatives do the same. All while increasing their self-confidence to charge their worth! Driven by her passion to spend more time with her family and to help others feel less guilty to sell their crafts.

Some of the key takeaways from this episode include:

  • Anyone in any industry with any past career and start a business in anything and at any point in their life!
  • If you have a hobby business, you can scale that business to 50k and still have time to spend with your family.
  • That sometimes we all experience imposter syndrome and not feeling worthy to share our knowledge and wisdom with people that could actually benefit from it the most.
  • The power of business support programmes and co-working spaces to help your business to grow.
  • Trust yourself and don't second guess your choices and decisions you have made get you to this point.

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