Episode 23

Money Mindset and Powerful Pivots When Life Just Happens with Eowyn Levene

Published on: 29th January, 2021

I am really looking forward to sharing with you episode #23 and some of the key things I got out of my time with Eowyn Levene, of Plumtree Money. We covered, money mindest and powerful pivots when life has a way of just happening.

Eowyn is a money mentor massage therapist and a watermelon enthusiast with 12 plus years of small business administration under her belt. Eowyn Is on a mission to help creatives build lasting financial stability that frees them up to do creative work without hustling anxiously for that next dollar when she's not geeking out about money, Eowyn enjoys running knitting long hikes and of course watermelon.

Some of the key takeaways from the show include:

  • Sometimes we need to allow ourselves to grieve and let go of what could have been because life may have a different plan for you.
  • That whilst we don't always have control of what is happening externally, we do have control of our mindset and how we can view things, how we can reframe things and how we can show up and totally embrace, what life is presenting to us in a way that allows us to take hold of the reins.
  • I loved how Eowyn uses pen and paper when she approaches helping people navigate money, mindset and management, and how neurologically something is happening when we allow the pen to flow.
  • When something needs to change in our mind or body, our body has a way of whispering to us and giving us clues.
  • When we go through traumatic events, we build up resilience, and if we choose to see it, we can learn almost to transcend difficult situations and trust that everything will always be okay.

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